Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Another digital preliminary study for an oil painting illustrating the Harry Potter books. This on depicts the scene from HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE when Draco Malfoy has disarmed Dumbledore and must decide whether he can bring himself to kill him now that he has the chance. Harry, under his invisibility cloak, unseen by Draco, looks on but has been paralyzed by Dumbledore for his own protection (and, perhaps, so that he not interfere with Dumbledore's interrogation of Malfoy).

Of course, I had to "cheat" on the invisibility, making him visible to the viewer. Invisibility is always a problem for illustrators when it comes up in a fantasy story. I choose to simply show him to the viewers with it being understood that, while he's visible to them, he cannot be seen by Malfoy.

Next I'll be doing a study for the scene from the same book in which Harry injures Malfoy unintentionally using the curse he learned from the book of the Half Blood Prince.

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